Meet our Management Team

Solliance is led by three internationally recognized experts on software solution architecture, design, and development. Our leadership is backed by an extensive network of expert partners in a wide range of fields.
Michele Leroux Bustamante
Chief Information Officer
Microsoft Regional Director & MVP

With 20 years of experience designing and implementing enterprise systems, Michele has held senior executive positions at several corporations, has assembled software development teams…

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Zoiner Tejada
Chief Executive Officer
Microsoft Advisor, MVP & MCSD

He is passionate about leveraging cloud technologies to build web based solutions that run at scale and enjoys engaging the greater community by speaking at conferences and user group meetings...

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Brian Noyes
Chief Technology Officer
Microsoft Regional Director & MVP

He specializes in building maintainable client applications in XAML and HTML 5, as well as building the services that back them with WCF, ASP.NET Web API, and Windows Azure. Brian has authored...

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