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Bespoke and innovative solutions that bridge expertise in Cloud, Cyber Security, AI, Media and beyond

At Solliance, we go beyond the ordinary to assemble your dream team of unmatched tech specialists, tailored to your unique needs. We're your trusted partners in charting a clear path forward, turning your challenges into cutting-edge cloud solutions and actionable strategies. Powered by a diverse pool of experts in cloud, cybersecurity, AI, and more, we're not just solving today's problems; we're unlocking tomorrow's possibilities.


AI & Data

Ready to explore new ways to use data, experiment with new tools, and create the future? Innovation begins with information. Our experts deliver AI-powered software and solutions so you can advance your journey to leveraging data and Machine Learning algorithms - giving your business the edge.

Cyber Security

With our deep network of top of industry cybersecurity experts, Solliance helps you implement a secure architecture, development, and DevOps life cycle. Our team has you covered from start to finish with security by design, threat modeling, secure applications and infrastructure, identity and access management (IAM), compliance, and red team.

Infrastructure & DevOps

Solliance will help you accelerate delivery of your secure, scalable cloud platforms and solutions - embracing automated, collaborative, and agile workflows and tools. Our certified DevOps experts also specalize in secure cloud architecture, threat modeling, networking and routing, Kubernetes architectures and more. We can help you innovate more quickly and efficiently while following recommended best practices.


Whether you are starting green field, migrating to the cloud with a lift and shift, or transforming your cloud solutions to a microservices architecture - Solliance has the planning instruments, tools and industry experts to help you efficiently achieve your goals. We can support all phases including strategic 4-year planning roadmap and estimates, solution design and migration stratgies, platform design, solution and platform implementation, and production release management.


Migrating, upgrading or modernizing your existing applications? Starting from scratch and need guidance and acceleration? At Solliance, we accelerate your journey to produce applications that are secure, scalable, and sustainable into the future - with experts across every major framework / platform.


The Solliance Training Practice engages our industry-recognized experts from our Solliance Practices (Advanced Computing, Cyber Security, Data & AI, DevOps and Infrastructure, and, Cloud and Microserovces) enabling us to create a holistic approach to training that fuses cross-cutting disciplines and recommended best practices. Our training materials include developer guides, practice playbooks, solution accelerators, workshops, bootcamps, and webinars - tailored to meet your exact needs.

Advanced Computing

The digital computing world is perpetually being reinvented. At Solliance, we are continuously scanning the horizon and beyond, looking for trends, and ultimately carving a path forward in pursuit of strategic opportunities. We contribute to and influence work in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, NFTs and more.


Fueled by the experts of the Solliance Partner Network, our Media Practice fuses top-tier technical talent with media know-how from industry experts to deliver smart solutions for our customers in Media and Entertainment. Led by Emmy Award-winning former CNN anchor George Howell, the Solliance Media Practice draws in subject matter expert‘s at the highest levels across media and entertainment.



The power of AI isn't just in the prompt; it's in the intricate architecture behind it. With FoundationaLLM, we're simplifying that complexity for enterprises ensuring speed, accuracy, and utmost security in every AI interaction.


Fast track your identity solution with Solliance’s enhanced builds of Duende IdentityServer with enterprise-ready features based on industry best practices. Solliance provides extended features such as MFA, multi-tenant login, federation, social login integration, user registration and self-service, user management, impersonation, and more – all ready to be tailored as needed for your specific requirements with the support of top security experts.


PolicyServer is an authorization solution for modern applications. It supports the necessary patterns to achieve the separation of authentication and authorization - including a management application, management APIs and a runtime engine that deals with advanced scenarios around policy design, policy hierarchy, and integration with identity.

Solliance Stats


Technology leaders and experts worldwide

Top industry experts across many disciplines – our Partner Network spans the globe to bring custom end to end solutions to our clients and partners.


Microsoft MVPs, AWS Heros and Google Developer Experts

Working with exciting innovative technologies and sharing knowledge – it is this spirit of generosity along with our unparalleled level of expertise that makes Solliance Partners stand out within the community.


Microsoft Regional Directors

In a field of less than 200 globally, our Solliance Partners hold 8 seats as Regional Directors. We continue to be recognized both in the Microsoft community and the developer and IT community at large as global industry leaders.


Average years of experience of a Solliance Partner

Our technical expertise is comprised of many years across many different experiences – our Partners strike a balance of being well seasoned and ever expanding.


Learners engaged in our bespoke, Instructor-Led Trainings

Our experts actively work as top-level practitioners to bring practical experience to those looking to grow their skill and understanding. We’ve reached over 3,500 learners across more than 40 countries in the last year alone.



Our global network of technology leaders, architects, designers, developers and test engineers gives us the powerful capability to take your project from end to end. We keep you nimble and focused on the future - whatever it may bring, your team will be ready.